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  Hey guys, this site rocks! Well, Iíve been taking BC pills for probably over 2 years for period regulation and acne. I took it at night, but it was not always at the same time at night, usually just before I went to bed. Recently, my boyfriend and I decided to have sex, so I began taking my pills regularly at 11:30 a.m. each day, but sometimes I would forget, so I would take two the next day. So itís been a little over a month that I have been regular, but perhaps missing a day here and a day there but making it up again. We had sex yesterday three times and it was the first time for both of us. We used condoms all 3 times and we used them properly. My questions is, since my BC pills may have been skipped a few times but taken regularly for a month overall, and we used condoms properly, what kind of risk am I at for getting pregnant? Iíve been worrying about it all day and freaking my boyfriend out, but I just want to know that Iím ok, and I think I should be since Iíve been taking them for a very long time. Please help, thanks!

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Dear CR,

Based on what you describe, you would need to use only the effectiveness of the condom as your contraception protection (up to 95% when used correctly) since the BC pills are not being used correctly and thus, providing you with an unknown level of protection, if any at all.
You may want to consider switching to another hormonal method to regulate your periods and address the acne issues since BC pills donít seem to the best method for you. But we are very glad that you are being so responsible!
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