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  I’ve been reading lots of questions of sex underwater, like lakes, hot tubs and what not, but the answers always relate to the condom itself. In the case of a hot tub, if my girlfriend and I have sex without any protection, could she still get pregnant if I come inside her? Or will the sperm die because of the high temperature of the water? (I understand that sperm can barely resist core body temperature, let alone the temperature in a hot tub). We still intend to get protection (pill and condom), but were curious if this could be another way of doing it without the risk of pregnancy.

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Dear C,

ANYTIME…ANYWHERE…ANYWAY unprotected intercourse takes place, pregnancy and/or STD infection is possible (YES, this includes hot tubs, lakes, pools, etc.) We recommend the use of reliable contraception ANY and EVERY time intercourse takes place.

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