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  Iím very scared and concerned. My name is ????? and Iím 17. On October 10 I lost my virginity with someone I donít like. I donít know what happened I just lost control. I really regret it and it hurts me to think about it. I no longer speak to him, but when it happened, at first he did it without a condom but it was kind of hard for him to get it then when inside, then he put a condom on and we kept doing it. He came while inside of me with a condom and there was blood on the bed after we finished. Now its Dec. 18 and I took a pregnancy test like 1 or 2 weeks after it happened and it came out negative. I was bleeding for a while after I lost my virginity. Then I got my period the next month which was November. Now I still donít get my period and lately my butt got bigger, my breasts got bigger and they feel tender like when someone hugs me tight it hurts a little and Iím kind of a little bit chubbier then before...not that much though. I always pee a lot and I always have to go to the bathroom all the time but that happened all my life. But I looked at my stomach tonight and I donít know why it is a little big. And now I have a cold, but I think it is because Iím in NYC. Itís been really cold and I also think that my body is changing because I lost my virginity but Iím really scared again and Iím going to take another pregnancy test on Monday. I really really want to know if this means Iím pregnant and what should I do? Also what should I do about the way I feel when I think about what I did??? Is it possible that Iím pregnant by what I just explained??? I cant have a baby right now. Iím very scared. Please help me. Thanx

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Dear S,

We are very sorry to hear about your experience. You may want to consider speaking with a trained counselor about what happened and what you are feeling. Often times, having someone who can help you express your feelings not only makes you feel better, but helps to prevent bad experiences from becoming psychological or emotional problems in the future.

As far as a pregnancy, you may want to take another pregnancy test. Although the signs you describe could be a pregnancy, you are worried, and it is very common for people to see things, have beliefs, or even experience signs and symptoms because of their worry. A pregnancy test will give you the answer and should help relieve some of your worry. Even better, it you can find a clinic that is close to you, you may want to get the pregnancy test done there, as well as some tests for sexually transmitted diseases, just to be safe. The nurse or doctor should be able to answer your questions as well.

And no, it is a myth that sex changes your body shape.

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