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  Me and my girl friend had sex for the first time yesterday. We started without a condom and continued for about 1 min. My girl friend is worried that the pre-cum might get her pregnant. Also, she has been on birth control for a little over one month. So my question is, how worried should we be on the chance of pregnancy?

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Dear Brian,

Your girlfriend is correct in that pre-lubricating fluid can contain sperm and cause a pregnancy. What you didn't mention is the possibility of a sexually transmitted infection, which can occur anytime a person is infected and you come in contact with their body fluids like pre-lubricating fluid, semen, vaginal lubrication, blood.

If your girlfriend has been using birth control pills correctly for one month, the chances are low that you/she will experience an unplanned pregnancy. However, we always suggest that a couple know there STI and HIV status by getting tested before intercourse without a condom, and continue using a reliable form of contraception (like the birth control pill) to prevent unplanned pregnancy.
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